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Project Development

Innovative ideas and market-oriented concepts

We develop and realise real estate projects as property developer, development partner, general contractor or service provider. We see ourselves as all-rounders, able to keep our eye on the project as a whole even when only handling sections thereof. We execute and manage complete development projects, as well as operating in subdomains and providing consulting services.

Project management and realisation

Integrated management and handling of a historic refurbishment or new build project is extremely complex and there are any number of determinant conditions and interfaces. Delays and unpleasant surprises lead straight to higher costs and affect overall quality, so should be avoided at all costs. We coordinate the different specialist teams from the initial planning phases and structure complex processes in a transparent, solutions-oriented way. Our comprehensive experience coupled with the construction and engineering expertise in our family of companies and our reliable network of local construction firms all guarantee sound, economical construction projects that are completed on schedule.

Location and market analysis

In preparing property investments, we analyse locations and evaluate them on the basis of their medium to long-term return on investment and appreciation potential. All assessments take into account the individual investment period and the interests of the subsequent users. In so doing, we are able to exploit our long-standing experience and comprehensive knowledge of Berlin’s real estate market, as well as our excellent contacts to local authorities and policymakers.

Our local knowledge is a great asset in assessing micro locations. We know the local neighbourhoods very well and understand the reasons behind their differing historical price developments. Based on the results of our analyses, we ensure that everything from architecture to construction quality, layout and fittings are executed in accordance with current demands and continuing market developments, thereby minimising risk and maximising success.

Acquisition and investment

As a flourishing real estate company, we are continually developing and expanding our commitments in Berlin’s real estate market. In addition to the classic acquisition of building plots and redevelopment properties, we also participate in project enterprises in order to exploit and develop the dormant potential of an existing plot or property in cooperation with partners.

  • Focus: Asset and share deals, majority shareholdings, bidding guarantees, mortgages
  • Macro location: Berlin and environs, as well as the new federal states
  • Micro location: City centre sites preferred, peripheral locations dependant on property
  • Object type/use: Plots for apartment buildings or mixed use properties (where building permits/planning permission not required), redevelopment objects, developed land with expansion potential
  • Plot size: ≥ 500 m²
  • Object size: ≥ 1500 m²
Profitability analysis and financing consulting

Profitability and liquidity protection are key strategic goals of any real estate investment. In addition to personal equity, bank loans and sponsored loans, mezzanine capital or other forms of financing may also be considered. For optimum investment results, the total holding period, maintenance requirements, further development opportunities and the exit date must be defined. Tax aspects also play an important part. Especially in the case of further developments, optimisation potentials and funding opportunities are often left unexplored. The reason is often a lack of overall vision on the part of individual specialists.

Our extensive practical experience means that we can provide this know-how. We see ourselves as facilitators and companions in consultations and negotiations with banks, tax advisors and asset managers, and we have a keen eye on all the issues in hand. If needed, we can introduce specialists from our competent network and invite offers on your behalf.

Procuring planning permission and building permits

The success of an investment in existing property or land presupposes optimum use of all areas. Procuring planning permission and building permits for the conversion, extension or densification of a piece of real estate is therefore an essential building block in maximising financial revenues. We accompany the planning process with a portfolio of innovative and motivated architects. Through our long-standing, cooperative contacts to building authorities and practical experience in the various approval processes, we create a firm basis upon which your investments can flourish.

Commercialisation and sales

Where real estate investments were once mainly determined by location, today there are a host of other pertinent factors to be taken into consideration: from energy efficiency to flexible design and service. We offer a network of consolidated expertise for the entire process. Before investing in a residential or commercial property, we discuss your requirements, check market availability and provide qualified advice upon which to base decisions. And we naturally support you in finding suitable tenants, if desired. In this way you can be sure that all facets of a sustainably successful real estate investment have been explored right from the start.